The SNEAKY album is available for download. It looks a bit like this:

but has music on it.

You can download the Sneaky album from The Sneaky Bandcamp Page

SNEAKY thank you for your patience.

SNEAKY are (were) the sleeping giants of Oxfordshire, the underground music makers.
They use(d) the power of samples, guitars, vocals + magic to create a colourful cocktail of dance, sleazy funk, dub, blues, and psychedelia; to float your ships and shake your hips to.
The melodies and riffs are (were) plucked from the air then crafted into shape with the use of sonic monkey wrenches and electric sound drills for your aural pleasure.

Dave Phenomenon is now living in Spain and sends his love to the fan.
Chas Magoo is earning his keep as a travelling bass guitar owner.
Westley King left for pastures new and now has the mud of experience on his boots.

Hasta luego.