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How it all began...


A long time ago in a public house far, far away, two dreamers discuss the lack of decent local metal bands and down many pints of alcoholic beverage. Speech becomes difficult and movement nearly impossible before the two decide that the time has come to do something about the area's low metal content. Time passes and nothing much happens.

Eventually one of those dreamers (let's call him Sam) remembers his recent experience in the pub and asks his friend if he can recall a similar night, where a comparable conversation occurred and whether anything constructive was decided. His friend (for the purposes of this article we'll call him Ady) did, and indeed something was decided. This was the birthplace of Mook and music would never be quite the same again.

The founder members of Mook were not alone. Each of them had a friend (one of them had two) and together they formed the five-piece that came to be known as possibly the heaviest, loudest, lowest-tuned and downright slackest-stringed band this side of this side.

They had a mission. To play music the way Satan himself commanded. Ady was the conduit for the riffs (as he was regularly visited by the dark one in his dreams) and would play those riffs until the other four stopped what they were smoking and paid attention (sometimes this could take weeks), with the others even coming up with their own parts occasionally to complement the evil aural blackness. Very, very infrequently a complete song would emerge and Mook would do their utmost to forget it completely by next week.

Time passed. Mook gigged, wrote, recorded, got lost and forgot. They remembered again and suddenly they had become good. They desperately tried not to remember too much more in case remembering caused them to forget the stuff that had made them remember how to be better.

Time passed. It had become 2003 and Mook noticed the internet. Someone decided that it was time to create an interweb* site.

This is that site.



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